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Northeast Celtic Reconstructionists

Pàganachan, Págánachaigh

The Northeastern Forests (and Cities, and Fields, and Shoreline)
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networking and discussion for CRs in the Northeastern US and Canada
This is a community for Celtic Reconstructionists, Pàganachan, Págánachaigh, and those of related traditions who live in the Northeastern region of the North American continent.

This community is specifically for discussing aspects of CR/Pàganachd/Págánacht that are more pertinent to our local area than to the more general CR fora out there. For example: Local events of interest to CRs; opportunities to meet other CRs in person, whether for informal chat, joining or forming a group, or just general community-building; local issues that affect us; and peculiarities of the spirits and traditions of our bioregion.

If you are not in the Northeast, but are looking for a local CR community, the others we know of are:

chicagocelts - Chicago area CRs
cr_prairie - Plains states of the US
ne_cr - Northeastern US
puget_sound_crs - Puget Sound region
southeastern_cr - Southeastern US
southwestern_cr - Southwestern US

If you start a local CR community for another region, let us know so we can list it!

For general CR discussion you can also find most of us at paganacht.

For what this Celtic Reconstructionist thing is all about, see: The CR FAQ

Joining the Community: Due to past problems with trolls, membership is by mod approval. If you do not have a substantial LJ presence (a journal with public entries, mutual friends, participation in other communities) you will need to e-mail one of the mods (caitriona_nnc at livejournal dot com) and convince us you are a real, non-trolling person. Be sure to also click on the "monitor community" button at the top of this page so the posts appear on your friends list. Fàilte! (Welcome!)

The CR FAQ www.paganachd.com/faq The CR FAQ www.paganachd.com/faq

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