Kathryn of Nigheanan nan Cailleach (caitriona_nnc) wrote in ne_cr,
Kathryn of Nigheanan nan Cailleach

Roll Call, pt. 2

So, I've been so busy finishing up the book version of the FAQ (more details below) that I am crispy, drained, and unsure whether I have the stamina to make it to Glasgow Lands on Saturday, as well as meet the book deadline.

So, Roll Call. Who is actually committed to coming on Saturday?

I'm pretty sure morlader will be there. ivy_rain has a scheduling conflict, and I'm unsure about the few others who've expressed interest, or who were at the Greenfield fest.

The Greenfield Games were good, though I haven't had time to write up our report or post pictures. If we decide we can't energetically/time-wise afford to do Glasgow Lands, we'll schedule another meetup for the near future, perhaps here or at a local seisun. For me, whether we go depends on how much work we're able to get done on the book in the next two days, and how exhausted that leaves us. I think meeting the book deadline (I want it off to the printers before Venus goes retro next week) is more important than one festival, though I really would like to hang out with folks.

Book Drama

At this point we're doing the final formatting in Word before locking it into the PDF for the printer. paul_hamish is taking point on this phase, but I am still very involved. After changing the font of the text to Gentium, we realized we need more space on the pages. It looks too cramped at ten point, so we're trying eleven or twelve. This means we're reformatting the whole thing, and will have to go back through and fix some of the page breaks etc. I also decided I didn't like one of the graphics I did for it last year, so I spent yesterday drawing something new. I also realized underlining the text for the things that are hotlinked in the website version looks like crap, so we're going back through and codemonkeying all the See Also's to bold. Everything takes five times as long as I think it will.

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