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Upcoming events in MA

OK, let's come out of hibernation and meet other local CRs, folks who are interested in CR, or people who just want to do the Celtic thang together.

Western Massachusetts Highland Games and Celtic Festival - Greenfield - June 23

How about meeting for lunch at noon at the Round Barn (is that the name of it?)? There will be at least three of us from my household attending, and hopefully more (maybe six?). Our priorities will be anything with Gaelic - spoken or sung - other music events, sheepdogs and birds. Unfortunately, the schedule is not available online (I think they want to maximize profits from selling programs on-site). But if there's any scheduling conflict we can make sure we have at least one person at the barn to redirect any stragglers. Most likely paul_hamish will wind up in this role. And we can chat here about how to recognize one another. Normally we sort of stand out, but things like tartan and Celtic T-Shirts and shawls will not be unique in that environment. So RSVP here if there's a chance you'll show.

Actually, we really should make a sign or banner that says "CR" or "Pàganachd"... if anyone gets a chance to do that sometime soon. Maybe not doable before next weekend, though

Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival - Northampton - July 21

We'll probably again choose a lunch location, unless other plans seem more apt. But we have a month instead of a week to plan for this. Glasgow Lands is generally better about having Gaelic language events. There was some Gaelic singing last year, and a number of informal Gaelic events in the merchants area that were of interest to CRs.

Irish Connections - Canton - August 10-12

This is the festival that used to be at Stone Hill College. I've never been, but saigh_allaidh and paul_hamish have attended in the past, when it was more the size of the Glasgow Lands festival. It looks like the event has become much bigger in recent years, with rather mainstream bands playing. (But, um, how are the Black Crowes an Irish band?) Has anyone else been to this since it got so huge? I'd like to know to what extent it still feels like a cultural festival, or if it's more like a generic concert now.

Any other events to suggest? There may be some Ren Faire interest among my pack, as well, for events in either MA, CT or VT. And there are a number of local Seisiúns we could also consider for evening meetups, in North Amherst, Greenfield and Northampton.

Roll Call!
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