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Hello. I've been a member for a little while but I can't recall if I've ever posted. My name is Melanie and I live in the Mohawk Valley (Upstate NY). I've been involved in the Pagan community for five or six years. Over the past couple years I've been studying Celtic, in particular Irish, culture and mythology. It's a slow process but I feel that I'm finding a spiritual home. I'm just starting to learn the language in tiny doses.

I'm also a member of ADF, for what it's worth. I definitly like the community of people because it's something I find lacking in the truly Celtic groups (no offense, it's simply something I've found to be true in my area). Their study program has also given me a bit of focus when it comes to writing about my thoughts, intuitions, experiences, and research. I'm very interested in more traditional CR approaches and learning about specific differences between it and ADF. As I've been studying for a couple years here and there, I've already read the FAQ a few times and I'm still working on getting through the reading lists, so I'm mostly looking for more community.

I look forward to getting to know everyone and I hope to see some more activity here soon!

Foxes Den

Dia duit

I've been a practicing Pagan for little over 10 years, and while always Celtic leaning I've only recently begun to follow CR in a serious way. Just though I'd introduce myself to this group since its a little more regional in nature than Paganacht... I'm From Toronto (a large city located in the Fabled Canada's =P ). I'm also learning to become a Senchai, because storytelling is simply an excellent skill to have and I've always had a profound love for mythology and tales.

So, here I be.


I just recently joined ne_cr, and thought I should take a moment to briefly introduce myself.

I'm Rob Hewitt from Boston, Mass.  I'm a practicing Heathen, and a læringmann of the Geferræden Fyrnsidu (GFS).  For those who may not be familiar with Fyrnsidu, Fyrnsidu is a branch of Heathenry with an Anglo-Saxon focus, such as Ásatrú has an Icelandic focus and Irminenschaft a Continental Germanic focus, & etc.

So, you may be wondering why I'm here.  In addition to English and German, my ancestry also includes Scots and Irish.  Because of this, I've had a longtime interest in Celtic Reconstructionism, and see CR as somewhat kin to my own Heathen practices.

I'm also quite new to Live Journal, and still very much learning my way around. I'll likely do more reading here, than posting.  But I did want to take this time to thank the Mods. for allowing me to join.

In frið,

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At the standing stones

I Stand with Tara - Samhain Ritual

On Samhain night, Oct. 31 2007, people all over the world will be uniting in a ritual to help protect and preserve one of the most sacred sites in Ireland, and indeed the world: The Hill of Tara and the surrounding Skryne Valley, in County Meath, Ireland.

As many of you know, the site is still threatened with destruction. We are working together with activists in Ireland to help stop this, both with this-world activism and with a ritual we've written to help support the activists spiritually.

In the time of our ancestors, Tara was the center of a ritual complex, where signal fires were lit to mark the holy day, and whose light spread out from hilltop to hilltop across the land. Now, the center has been neglected, so much so that some think it is no matter to desecrate it. So we meet on Samhain to add our energy and prayers to revitalise and resacralise Tara.

In the past, the signal and sacred flames were taken from Tara; but on Samhain we will all unite to send the power and blessings back to Tara, to rebuild the source. We will light our individual fires on hilltops and in fields, and in homes around the world. We will have people climbing the surrounding hills all across Ireland, and in many countries the world around. We will unite our flames with the center. We will unite to protect Tara.


At the end of the pre-ritual briefing we've posted information on how to help physically - by writing letters, sending money, calling with moral support, or going and standing in front of bulldozers. Our other offering is this ritual, which I wrote together with thewronghands, after we both got some heavy requests from the spirits.

Note - I will be adding more graphics and smoothing out the visuals of the site a bit more in the coming days, but all the info should be there. We welcome your feedback! If you plan on participating in the ritual, please consider letting us know. We may be posting a list of participants on the site. If you write us, let us know how you'd like to be named. We suggest using one of the formats in the ritual, explained in under the "Introduce yourself (threefold) and Lighting the Signal Fires For Tara" instructions on the pre-ritual briefing page (

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reporting for duty (bridge crew)

Western MA Pagan Pride Day

Western MA Pagan Pride Day is tomorrow, Sat. the 13th, in the Student
Union Ballroom at UMass Amherst. Weather permitting, some of it will
also be outside on the... um... troubled land by the pond.

At least a few of us will be there, doing our CR thang. We've asked
that our table be next to the Asatruar, but I don't know if they're
assigning spaces ahead of time. We'll be selling books (The new CR
FAQ book), talking to people about Gaelic classes and some upcoming
rituals and activist events. Look for the blue or purple Celtic
banners, and probably some tartan here and there.

*Disclaimer* I am not one of the organizers of this event, and don't
really know who will be there or where they're at spiritually or
politically. But we're going to provide a CR presence, and hopefully
some of the folks who come will be looking for what we have to offer.
We know we're rather different than many of the groups who will be
there. Hopefully it will go well.

Right now we're just planning on staffing the table and hanging out
with whoever shows up. But if there's enough interest we can do a
more structured talk/workshop/whatever. If folks want to do a ritual
outside, you might want to check this out first: (yes, the last few panels are
set at UMass). Last I checked, the land at UMass was in need of the
Psychic Ambulance and Guerilla Astral cleanup squad. And every time I
go there we wind up having to do some sort of mopping.

Anyway, the Asatruar are leading the main ritual, an Ancestors Blot.
The band Incus will be performing, and there will be some discussions
or panel type things.

For more info, as it were:

Slàinte Mhath!

River House,

The CR FAQ Book is now For Sale!

Yes, we have finally approved it for sale.

The CR FAQ - An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism can now be ordered directly from our printer, here:

For additional info on the book, we also have a page on the FAQ site itself:

It will probably be a couple weeks before the book is for sale on the big chain websites and in bookstores, but not only can you buy it now directly, but skipping the middleman means that ACGA gets about twice the money they will get when it's bought from the corporate stores.

...and so the cross-posting begins...
NicEoghainn, macewen, tartan and leather

Roll Call, pt. 2

So, I've been so busy finishing up the book version of the FAQ (more details below) that I am crispy, drained, and unsure whether I have the stamina to make it to Glasgow Lands on Saturday, as well as meet the book deadline.

So, Roll Call. Who is actually committed to coming on Saturday?

I'm pretty sure morlader will be there. ivy_rain has a scheduling conflict, and I'm unsure about the few others who've expressed interest, or who were at the Greenfield fest.

The Greenfield Games were good, though I haven't had time to write up our report or post pictures. If we decide we can't energetically/time-wise afford to do Glasgow Lands, we'll schedule another meetup for the near future, perhaps here or at a local seisun. For me, whether we go depends on how much work we're able to get done on the book in the next two days, and how exhausted that leaves us. I think meeting the book deadline (I want it off to the printers before Venus goes retro next week) is more important than one festival, though I really would like to hang out with folks.

Book DramaCollapse )

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