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I just recently joined ne_cr, and thought I should take a moment to briefly introduce myself.

I'm Rob Hewitt from Boston, Mass.  I'm a practicing Heathen, and a læringmann of the Geferræden Fyrnsidu (GFS).  For those who may not be familiar with Fyrnsidu, Fyrnsidu is a branch of Heathenry with an Anglo-Saxon focus, such as Ásatrú has an Icelandic focus and Irminenschaft a Continental Germanic focus, & etc.

So, you may be wondering why I'm here.  In addition to English and German, my ancestry also includes Scots and Irish.  Because of this, I've had a longtime interest in Celtic Reconstructionism, and see CR as somewhat kin to my own Heathen practices.

I'm also quite new to Live Journal, and still very much learning my way around. I'll likely do more reading here, than posting.  But I did want to take this time to thank the Mods. for allowing me to join.

In frið,

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