Kathryn of Nigheanan nan Cailleach (caitriona_nnc) wrote in ne_cr,
Kathryn of Nigheanan nan Cailleach

The CR FAQ Book is now For Sale!

Yes, we have finally approved it for sale.

The CR FAQ - An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism can now be ordered directly from our printer, here: http://www.lulu.com/content/1038004

For additional info on the book, we also have a page on the FAQ site itself: http://paganachd.com/faq/buybook.html

It will probably be a couple weeks before the book is for sale on the big chain websites and in bookstores, but not only can you buy it now directly, but skipping the middleman means that ACGA gets about twice the money they will get when it's bought from the corporate stores.

...and so the cross-posting begins...
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