Kym Lambert...or Saigh (saigh_allaidh) wrote in ne_cr,
Kym Lambert...or Saigh

Celtic Reconstructionist and Women Warrior workshops in Western Mass

I figured I'd note that I'll be doing two workshops at Inspirit Common in Hadley MA in the next two months.

The Feb. 18 one is a women-only warrior workshop which will draw heavily from my CR practice, of course, and from Sauro-Sarmatian research but hopefully be of some interest to those of various Reconstructionist paths (okay, considering the location, of those not on Reconstructionist paths, but there will be much discussion about connecting to cultures so hopefully even the non-Reconstructionists will get some sense of what this is all about.

The Celtic Reconstructionist one is obviously CR in in focus and probably only of interest to those with a Celtic interest. It will, again due to my own focus, be primarily Gaelic although I hope to get the idea that there is no one Celtic culture and the like across as well. This will be March 17. Their idea for the date, but hey, it's something better to do than drink cheap green beer, I would hope.

Both are from 1-4. Which is early for me due to my current job schedule. So, I've been chatting with a friend local to there about doing an informal "Reconstructionist Coffee Talk" afterwards after one or both. I'll have to let her provide details about the proposed location, a local diner. I do hope that this gives me a chance to meet a few people I know only from the list.
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